Lily Baldwin


Installation & Virtual


This athletically vibrant and sensual experience explores love across a lifetime. Using dance to inhabit a common mortal story of love born, lived, lost, burned, and seemingly gone forever, THROUGH YOU is a live-action VR richly infused with an atmosphere of passion. Dancers Joanna Kotze and Marni Thomas Wood, along with actor Amari Cheatom, take us through the coursing periods of time, from the 1970s to 2046 and beyond, where the question is harbored, “Can love be found again? 

*The above excerpt was reincarnated as a 2-D “flat” film utilizing kaleidoscopic POVs and experimental editing to evoke a kinetic feeling similar to as it would be inside a VR headset.”

View the full flat film here.
View full 360 film here

“Movement and gesture take possession of the viewer in a way that, for me at least, has never been replicated."
NY Times

“A powerful case for dance and VR.”

— NY Times

“The perfect vehicle for dance”
— Dance Magazine

“Radical cinematography”
— Vice

“At the forefront of storytelling”
— The Independent 

“Dancing between memory, dream, and hallucination”

"The project, which explores topics ranging from love and rage to passion and mortality, spans nearly two decades..."
— Filmmaker Magazine 

Jaunt VR

Sundance Film Festival, New Frontier (WORLD PREMIERE)
Sundance Institute New Frontier | Jaunt VR Residency Program (RESIDENT ARTIST)
Raindance Film Festival "Best Sensual VR Experience" (WINNER)

SF International Film Festival
World VR Forum
Nantucket Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival
Sitges International Fantastic Film
San Francisco Dance Film Festival
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
Phi Centre
Haifa International Film Festival
VRScout Art & Music Festival
AFI Fest
Loikka Dance Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
RAW Film Festival
Jacob's Pillow: PillowTalk
Museum Ludwig

Co-directed by Lily Baldwin & Saschka Unseld
Produced by Shruti Ganguly and Elliott Whitton
Cinematography by Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Composed by Mark degli Antoni
Sound Design & Binaural Mix by Dražen Bošnjak of Q Department
Starring Amari Cheatom, Joanna Kotze, and Marni Wood (last dancing member of original Martha Graham Company)