Lily Baldwin





STORIES OF THE STALKED is an Audible Original true-crime podcast, produced by VENTURELAND with FEAST COLLECTIVE, written and presented by Lily Baldwin.

In this genre bending series inspired by the uncensored testimony of stalking victims, each story unfolds through a marriage of investigative journalism, radio play and immersive audio by Hana Walker-Brown.

Season One provides an incredible insight into Lily’s personal experience of being stalked over a staggering 13-year period. She recounts her journey of legal challenges, survival techniques, and physical and mental health issues when a stranger, turned stalker, doubles down on a fantasy that they are a couple, destined for marriage. More than just a hopeful suitor, his delusion expands to encompass multiple identities, even multiple languages. Lily also shares the stark realization that the stalking still has not ceased, sharing the steps she’s taken in order to even go public with her story.

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Peabody Awards nominee for Podcast & Radio, 2023 
The Radio Academy ARIA Awards nominee for the Creative Innovation Award, 2023
Audio Production Awards shortlist for best New Voice and Best Factual Producer, 2022
Rose D'or Awards shortlist for best Audio Entertainment, 2022


Writer and presenter: Lily Baldwin 
Produced by: Ventureland Productions, Kate Taylor at Feast Collective with assistance from Emma Barnaby
Voice actor (x): Richard Lumsden
Executive producers: John Battsek, Ali Brown, Sarah Thomson, and Michelle Martin
Production executive: Hayley Nathan
Production consultant: Deborah Dudgeon
Sound design and original music: Hana Walker-Brown
Engineer: Peregrine Andrews.
Commissioning editors: Matt Willis and Ben Chapman
‘Fantas’, written by Caterina Barbieri and published by Warp Publishing.


““There is something crucial missing from most true-crime podcasts: the voice of the victim. That is not true of Stories of the Stalked, a six-part Audible series from the award-winning filmmaker and dancer Lily Baldwin. Having spent 13 years being stalked, she has written and narrated an immersive series in which illusory sound design transports the listener into the midst of the experience.” - THE GUARDIAN

“...A different sort of work, one that’s both activist as well as containing the emotional complexity of a great literary memoir.” - FILMMAKER MAGAZINE

“With unflinching honesty and candor, Baldwin explains how her life unraveled as she received endless e-mails, calls, and messages from a person she calls X. The series is raw, immersive and harrowing—transporting the listener into the heart of the experience - FORBES

“No Woman Is Ever 'Asking' to Be Stalked: A new podcast exploring one woman's harrowing, 13-year journey as a victim of stalking is disrupting popular narratives about stalkers and their victims.” -JEZEBEL