Lily Baldwin





Things aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

QUICK SLICE, a film installation, explores how film and bodies can overlap, engage each other, and transform utilitarian spaces.

The cinematic story begins with nine portraits of solitude. This eclectic crew of strangers converge over a quick slice inside the neutrality of a pizza shop. It’s a casual, no bullshit, non-committal community hub. Inconsequential moments morph into surreal dance montages where Bob Fosse’s choreography is undressed from its historic narrative and re-summoned inside this quintessential NYC locale. Gaze and movement are our portals into these “what if” worlds. 

Our preview installation tested our experimental hybrid approach. We installed in an intentionally awkward location, a bathroom in the lobby of New York Live Arts, a seminal dance institution in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. Viewers entered intending to use the toilet or look in the mirror. Instead they encountered a visceral dreamworld.

The installation utilizes multi-channel projections and sound to put the viewer unsuspectingly inside the experience — they are caught between the characters’s gaze, sharing a reflective surface and catching shards of the story projected onto their own body. Diegetic sounds and score boldly heighten the immersive storytelling. This unexpected encounter catches people off guard, encouraging a distinctly kinesthetic reception of the material, and a shared intimacy between strangers. Keeping it free and open to the public all day, democratizing viewership, is a primary query.

Inspired by Netta Yerushalmy’s PARAMODERNITIES  
Directed by Lily Baldwin
Produced by Brighid Greene
Video Installation Design by Joseph Seamans
Sound Mix by Mark degli Antoni
Cinematography by Ben Wolf
Stills by Courtney Denk
Starring Lily Baldwin, Henry Chesley, Geneva Frazier, Dean Melaas, Toni Melaas, Katharine Padulo, Wally Padulo, Angie Pittman, Peggy Schneider, Gus Solomons Jr., Amy Meisner Threet

New York Live Arts March 11- April 1, 2019 (preview)